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With the enduring popularity of Fortnite, V-Bucks remain the sought-after currency for both new players and veterans alike. As the game evolves, so do the ways to earn or purchase these virtual bucks. 2023 has introduced some fresh methods, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to gain some V-Bucks, whether you’re a casual gamer or a committed Battle Royale enthusiast. Here’s an updated guide for this year.

1. Direct Purchase: The Classic Method

The most straightforward way to get V-Bucks remains buying them directly from the in-game store. This method hasn’t changed much since Fortnite’s inception.


  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. Go to the V-Bucks store section.
  3. Choose your desired V-Bucks package.
  4. Complete the payment using available options.

Remember always to use the official Fortnite site or application for purchases to avoid scams.

2. 2023 Battle Pass Challenges

Each year, Fortnite introduces a new Battle Pass filled with challenges and rewards. The 2023 Battle Pass contains more V-Bucks opportunities than ever before.



  1. Purchase the Battle Pass for the current season.
  2. Complete the various challenges.
  3. As you level up, you’ll earn V-Bucks at specific tiers.

The beauty of the Battle Pass system is that, by completing it, you often earn enough V-Bucks to purchase the next season’s Battle Pass.

3. Save the World: More V-Bucks Missions

While «Save the World» has always been a source of V-Bucks, 2023 brings additional missions and daily challenges, making the PvE mode even more rewarding.



  1. Play «Save the World» mode.
  2. Complete daily challenges and missions.
  3. Earn V-Bucks as rewards for specific tasks.

However, note that «Save the World» isn’t free. It requires an initial purchase, but the V-Bucks earning potential makes it a worthwhile investment for dedicated players.

4. Fortnite Tournaments and Official Events


Epic Games, in 2023, has increased the number of tournaments and official events where players can win V-Bucks.


  1. Check the official Fortnite Competitive page for upcoming events.
  2. Participate in tournaments.
  3. Rank in reward-earning positions to gain V-Bucks.

5. New Starter Packs and Bundles

Each year, Epic Games releases new Starter Packs and Bundles, offering skins, items, and V-Bucks at a discounted rate.


  1. Check the in-game store or official Fortnite news page for the latest packs.
  2. Purchase the desired pack.
  3. Receive items and V-Bucks in your account.

6. Fortnite Affiliate Programs

2023 introduced an enhanced affiliate program where content creators and influencers can earn V-Bucks by promoting Fortnite.


  1. Join the Fortnite affiliate program via the official site.
  2. Promote Fortnite to your audience.
  3. Earn V-Bucks based on sales or sign-ups through your referral.

7. Staying Safe: Avoid V-Bucks Scams

As V-Bucks are highly sought after, scams have proliferated. Always be cautious:

  • Never share personal information or account details.
  • Only use official platforms to purchase V-Bucks.
  • Report suspicious activities to Epic Games.


With a multitude of ways to earn or purchase V-Bucks in 2023, players have never had it better. Whether you’re grinding challenges, playing «Save the World,» participating in tournaments, or taking advantage of new packs, there’s something for everyone. Remember always to prioritize safety, stick to official channels, and enjoy the vibrant, ever-evolving world of Fortnite!

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